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Ensuring traceability and quality for requirement management in the

oil & gas industry


Since the first wave of digitalization in the oil and gas industry some 30 years ago, requirements have been carved not in stone, but in PDF documents. This has caused enormous effort when managing change and in communication between participants collaboration in different projects, such as offshore field development projects.

Today's business challenges in the oil and gas industry require more agile way of working. Digitalization is again on the agenda and time has come to change work practices to take benefit from richer information sources.

Polarion ALM software has proven to be a tool that brings complex, multidiscipline projects to a new level when it comes to areas like collaboration, traceability, managing change and performing impact analysis.

  • The current standards that organizations in the oil and gas industry need to comply with.

  • Some of the benefits a development project can achieve from getting access to tools that help managing standards and other governing requirements in different phases of a project.

  • How Polarion can improve change management.

  • Use case from Equinor, a global energy company that energizes the lives of 170 million people. 

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