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Polarion Survival Kit for DOORS

IBM DOORS was the defacto standard for Enterprise Requirements Management for many years, but now is out-of-date.  In this new era, software development projects demand lighter weight user interfaces, worldwide, simultaneous reuse, and development methods beyond its capability.

What is the Polarion Survival Kit for DOORS?

  • Transition DOORS Modules into vibrant Documents. 

  • Take over what was started in DOORS and add Agile, and Safe concepts while you extend traceability out to Test Results. 

  • Join Corbinsoft for a introductory look into how program teams and application teams get started with a fresh approach to ALM.

      Give us 60 minutes, and we will show you a live demonstration and                                      discussion of:

  • Extend or Replace DOORS

  • DOORS Modules become Polarion LiveDocs

  • Establish unparalleled End-to-End Traceability

  • Start now, implement later

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