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Accelerating RPA in the Practical World

According to Forrester Research, by 2021 there will be over 4 million robots doing office and administrative and sales and related tasks. Although Robotic Process Automation is a driving factor in streamlining enterprise data processing by creating a digital workforce of software robots, it creates a new set of challenges. The RPA solution of today becomes the problem of RPA headaches tomorrow.

When RPA initiatives deploy, it is as if they operate "without a safety net," because they automate different software that is not inherently connected. An RPA robot is at the mercy of every change, security update, and each defect of any application it controls. These become significant obstacles that restrict the expansion of that digital workflow.

In the webinar, we will discuss some of those obstacles, and see in a live demonstration environment how Polarion ALM can be used by IT departments to accelerate the expansion of RPA initiatives; we will see how ALM can be RPA safety net by centrally collaborating the near-constant change of enterprise applications.

  • Start with the fundamentals - Improve how the RPA Toolchain applications are managed.

  • Take better advantage of RPA Modeling Tools with Traceability throughout the whole RPA Toolchain.

  • Together with ALM, RPA automates a broader array of manual tasks.

  • Instead of error notification once deployed, focus on defect prevention with ALM and End-to-End Testing.

  • When bad things happen, rapidly respond with Agile change and re-deployment on the backbone of comprehensive traceability.

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