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Getting started with Agile and SAFe

In this webinar, we will discuss some of the fundamentals of the SAFe methodology and how you can use Polarion ALM now to implement the “Essential SAFe” to prepare for full framework adoption. We will review a case study of a team using Polarion ALM and SAFe today to produce software effectively and at the pace of market demands. Get your Software planning, requirements, and Agile iterations off the whiteboard and into a global collaboration tool to maximize what your teams can do, and how quickly they can get it done.

As the popularity of Agile and Lean development methods have grown, the drive to unite these software development practices with Program and Portfolio Management, Quality Assurance, and DevOps has given rise to the Scaled Agile Framework, or SAFe. With SAFe, practitioners have found outstanding business benefits, including:

• 20 – 50% increase in productivity

• 25 – 75% improvements in quality

• 30 – 75% faster time-to-market

Gartner group reports that Agile Frameworks, like the widely adopted SAFe, are steadily increasing year over year with larger organizations, and that success with using Agile in the enterprise increases the readiness for adopting SAFe. It allows the benefits of Agile to plug into the full business execution of enterprise Software Development and IT infrastructure. Polarion ALM becomes the highway for team-oriented Software Development traffic to merge together and travel at the pace of Enterprise business.

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