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Polarion ALM

Polarion ALM

is the unified solution for application lifecycle management. 

Everything you need to accelerate innovation. 
Improve synergies between your employees in the development of complex products, software and systems, with two-way traceability and common processes. Get more transparency and productivity in your projects through aggregated real-time information management.

Based on a 100% browser-based platform , the Polarion ALM product offering is accessible directly from your web browser wherever you are and at any time allowing easy collaboration between all stakeholders. 

Features &Benefits

Features & Benefits

Reqirement Management

A unified solution

Benefit from a multi-functional ALM platform with a central repository unifying your development ecosystem.

A 100% "Browser-based" solution

Collect needs, write, approve, sign, validate your requirements and run your tests simply by using your web browser. 

Easy collaboration with stakeholders

Easy communication wherever you are in real time between analysts, requirements engineers, developers, testers, and other stakeholders via discussions, notifications, votes, alerts and more ...

Simple and flexible

Simply edit, share and edit your documents online with Polarion LiveDocs ™ .


Traceability is guaranteed for any audit, compliance with standards and regulations is change control.


Benefit from workflows to embed your business knowledge and automate your processes by managing work state changes.

Collaboration, Traceability & Workflow



Collect requirements, write, approve, and manage your requirements for the entire project throughout the lifecycle.

  • Polarion LiveDocs allows you to collaborate simultaneously and securely on your specification documents - each paragraph is traceable and uniquely identifiable, 

  • Your specification documents containing your requirements are instantly exposed to other ALM stakeholders - for review, approval or implementation, 

  • Easily import your wealth and documents. The rule-based import wizard recognizes artifacts such as requirements, test cases, etc., contained in Microsoft® Word® or Excel®,

  • Document Round-trip lets you collaborate "offline" so that changes made outside of Polarion are imported and synchronized seamlessly with Polarion's repository

  • ReqIF allows collaboration with customers and suppliers on requirements or test cases without loss of information,

  • Invite other stakeholders to electronically sign specification documents as revised or approved

Test Management and Quality

Requirements Management

Test and quality
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